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About us

Bonded® has been formed to combat the loss of Australasian technology. During the 1980's through to 2005 Australia led the world in the development of flooring adhesives. Since then, almost all these companies were divested or sold to overseas interests, and the local advancement of technology went with it, being replaced by technology more suited to overseas construction conditions & methods.

Our vision

is to bring back to market high performance quality adhesives, waterproofing and flooring systems that are 100% designed, owned and made in Australia.  

Our mission

is to re-establish Australasia as a leader in the Research, Development & Manufacture of high quality and consistent flooring systems that are developed for Australasian conditions and are 100% Australian Owned & Made. Our presence in Australia & New Zealand allow us to rapidly assist and offer the best and most efficient solutions to overcome challenges on site, ensuring the quality of service and supply to your project is of the highest standard.